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Residential Fire Pumps

General features

  • Electronic control panel
  • Low current protection against running without water
  • 2nd protection to prevent running without water (5 m level floater)
  • Adjustable low and high current-voltage protection
  • Phase sequence and phase absence protection
  • The pump is in the ready circuit and monitoring the error conditions on the screen
  • Monitoring phase voltages and motor currents on the screen
  • In case of failure, it can be read on the screen with the error name
  • Weekly test system, audible light alarm
  • Suction and discharge collector, manometer and pressure switch
  • Spring type silent stainless check valve
  • Anti-vibration rubber wedge and oven-painted steel chassis
  • Connection flex and balancing tank are excluded.
  • Jockey (pilot) pump is optional, not included in the price.
  • Add the appropriate HKP4-25/12 model pressure booster price to the specified price!
  • Fire pressure boosters with alarm kits cannot be used in the sprinkler system.
  • There is no "Thermal Magnetic Switch" in the control panels of the fire pressure booster with alarm kit. For this reason, fire pressure boosters should not be used to pressurize domestic water. In case of using a tank other than its purpose and below the recommended tank volume, the products will be out of warranty.
  • Flex hose is not recommended for pressures of 16 bar and above.