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Hidro Pompa, which maintains its identity as a 100% domestic pump manufacturer in Turkey, realizes the production of pumps and booster systems based on high quality, in the light of the latest technological developments, in which the best results can be obtained according to the cost, and maximum efficiency in order to meet the needs of users at the best level.

Hidro Pompa and Hydrophore, with its wide range of products, reliable and experienced sales staff, effective dealers and after-sales service, realistic price policy, product delivery and shipment with the amazing system in the delivery of products, continuously increasing the market volume in Turkey, continues to contribute to the Turkish industry by bringing its products to new users every day.

Aiming to grow without giving up the principles of quality and reliability, Hidro Pompa will continue to exist by increasing the capacity of satisfied customers in the sector with the vision of providing the quality and service they want to their customers with the advantage of affordable prices as a leading organization in the sector.


Hidro Pompa has made it its mission to increase its market share in the rapidly developing world industry, to keep the quality of the products it produces at international standards, to provide products and services without compromising the service and customer satisfaction, to take pioneering steps in the sector by closely following the developing technologies and to support its work with technical training.


Hidro Pompa's vision includes working with the awareness of the importance of nature and human. In order to improve the environmental, occupational health and safety awareness of its employees, Hidro Pompa works with environmental and OHS management systems and advances towards its goal through trainings and projects.

Acting in line with the conditions stipulated by law, it keeps pollutant elements at low levels with its practices in the facility and product structure, aims to minimize the damage to nature and living health by ensuring continuous improvement of the working environment to prevent accidents and risks of employee health deterioration.


In our world where global climate change is increasing day by day, we attach great importance to the efficient use of water. We value R&D studies to protect our water in agriculture, industry and many other sectors where water is used. Hidro Pompa is determined to minimize energy losses not only in manufacturing but also in Electronics, Software and Control algorithms.


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