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It is a fire booster system suitable for residential & commercial use with alternative power supply (diesel) in case of power outage. Villa, apartment, gas station, warehouse areas, small-scale industrial facilities, etc. It is used in fire fighting systems in places.


Hydrophore system; It contains 1 (one) diesel, 1 (one) electrically driven pump and 1 (one) jockey pump. The pumps, which are connected to each other with the collector, are presented as a set with compensator, ball valves, check valves, independent pressure switches and a control panel with a weekly test program clock.


In the event of a fire, the jockey pump is activated first to meet the water requirement of the system, if the jockey pump cannot meet the need and the pressure continues to drop, the main pump is activated. In case of an increase in water demand, the diesel engine pump is automatically activated.


  • The recommended balance tank volume (100lt) is used only in cases where the system is used as fire fighting.
  • Fire pressure boosters cannot be used for the purpose of suppressing domestic water as required by law, devices that are found to be used for this purpose will be out of our warranty
  • Suitable for systems containing fire cabinets.
  • Automatic test system is available.