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Residential booster systems are systems that facilitate and regulate the use of water in homes or small workplaces. The booster ensures that water is stored under pressure and automatically made available when needed.

Basically, residential booster systems consist of the following main components:

  1. Water Tank: It is the basic part of booster systems. It is usually located underground or on the roof of the building. The water tank helps to store water and perform pressurization processes that enable the booster to operate.
  2. Booster Pump: It is a motorized pump that delivers water from the tank to the usage areas. The system is activated in case of low pressure in the water tank to provide water pressure and pumps the water to the pipeline by increasing the water to high pressure.
  3. Pressure Switch: It is an important part that controls the operation of the booster. It determines the start and stop pressure values of the system. When the tank water level drops, the pressure switch is activated and starts the booster pump and stops the pump when the water tank level is full again.
  4. Pressure Tank: Booster systems are usually equipped with a pressure tank. The pressure tank is located above the water tank and allows water to be stored at high pressure. In this way, it provides instant water flow from the water tank during water use, preventing frequent operation of the pumps and saving energy.

Booster systems ensure a regular supply of water in places where mains water is insufficient or comes with low pressure. Such systems stabilize water pressure and make water use in the home more efficient.

Especially in areas where there is a water shortage, booster systems ensure more efficient use of water and offer independence against water cuts. However, it is important that these systems are installed, maintained and operated correctly. A suitable booster system should be selected and regularly maintained in consultation with a professional plumber.